100% Environmentally Friendly Drinking Straws

At RAW we are excited to launch the first products under our RAW brand – RAW STRAW – Bamboo, Wheat and Paper Drinking Straws. Our mission is to introduce a range of household and day to day products, for the conscious consumer, that is sustainable – socially, environmentally and economically. All of our products are either reusable or home compostable or both. We align ourselves with sustainable development principles and new ways of doing business for good in a circular economy.


We have a passion for people and the natural environment and are committed to understanding more about where our products come from, who makes them, and how our decisions to buy their products impact the makers and our environment.

Our Products

Bamboo Straws

Pack of 10 Bamboo Straws, straw cleaner and pouch

Wheat Straws

Pack of 50 Wheat Straws

Paper Straws

Pack of 40 Paper Straws

We align ourselves with sustainable development principles and new ways of business for good in a circular economy.

Our passion for the planet, our home, and the natural environment is what lead us to meet the bamboo straw makers of Ubud and foster relationships that contribute to human well-being and environmental sustainability.

It’s no secret that plastic straws, and plastic in general are bad for the environment. In 2017, Americans used about 390 million plastic straws each day. Raw Straws make a difference. Our straws are environmentally friendly, home compostable and are made from renewable resources. Raw Straws will help stop plastic pollution, support revegetation of Australia’s Daintree Rainforest, and contribute to building new homes for families in Bangladesh who have been displaced by climate change.

Circular Economy - Raw Straw

The RAW Story

We started RAW to help make a difference. It’s important to know the story behind the products we use.

Right now, we’re facing our greatest threat for thousands of years, climate change.  What we’re doing right now is rapidly changing the world’s climate. For the first time, we can see and feel the impact of climate change… and, it’s all happening far faster than many of us thought possible. At this current rate of warming, scientists say we risk a devastating future for generations to come.


It’s clear that urgent action is needed. To do nothing simply is not an option.

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