Wheat Drinking Straws

100% Natural, Sustainable, Home Compostable

Gluten Free

Why Wheat?

The most impactful reason for wheat drinking straws is for the sake of the planet and future generations. The ABC’s War on Waste team has estimated that 10 million straws a day is not unfeasible for Australian straw usage, and may even be an underestimation.

The wheat drinking straws manufactured entirely from natural wheat stems, so it’s completely biodegradable.

Our RAW wheat straws are perfect if you are having family or friends over or a party or group where you need lots of straws.

Feel good about using RAW STRAW wheat straws because once you have finished sipping,
simply throw them in the compost bin or your garden and they will quickly breakdown into toxic free, clean organic matter.

A natural byproduct of the wheat harvest

Historians theorize the first straws were cut from dried wheat shafts and they were named accordingly.

In the past, the stalks of wheat were seen as a waste product and often burnt. This is a contributor to greenhouse gases and climate change. We repurpose the wheat stalks to make a 100% Natural, sustainable, home compostable and gluten-free drinking straw.

The good news!

When your wheat straw is worn out, you can toss it in the compost pile instead of the bin.
There, it will break down naturally, instead of creating more waste to landfill.

Wheat Life Cycle

At RAW, we buy wheat straw from local Chinese farmers for a fair price. The straws are washed and dried twice before being packaged into boxes ready for use.

We currently buy our wheat from China as they are the biggest producer of wheat in the world. However, we’re looking to source wheat locally here in Australia.

Why choose our wheat straws?

100% Natural


Home Compostable

Gluten Free

Raw Straws